Advisory Services

Casey Mulqueen provides advisory services to both asset based lenders/lessors and manufacturers. For asset based lenders, we provide the credible, reliable and fresh information they need to minimize risk and exceed their client’s expectations. For manufacturers, we provide insight and valuation to help them deploy and manage their assets efficiently. Superior asset intelligence together with firsthand knowledge of recent sales/market trends ensures credible values and maximum recovery under the prevailing conditions. Whether we are advising a lender/lessor or a manufacturer, we are there every step of the way. 

How can we help you?

Contact us at 203-247-3991 or send an email.

For Asset Based Lenders/Lessors:

In addition to Credible Appraisals and Appraisal Review we also provide:

Risk Management

  • Field Audits
  • Verification and Tagging

Loss Mitigation

  • Restructuring
  • Exit Strategies
  • Auctions & Negotiated Sales
For the Manufacturing Community:

In addition to Credible Appraisals and Advisory Services we support and enhance Life Cycle Management activities with:

  • Values – Transfer and Allocation
  • Redeployment Opportunities and Process
  • Sale of Surplus Liquidation / Private Tender and Auction
A sampling of completed projects include:

What a client has to say...

I have worked with Casey since the mid 1990’s on many industrial equipment valuation and remarketing projects, both large and small. He is an extremely focused, resourceful and very practical person. Projects have included appraisals related to lease inception and lease end negotiations, equipment remarketing and bankruptcy related liquidations. With respect to his valuation expertise and practice, Casey strictly adheres to USPAP guidance and always renders valuations/appraisals that are complete and logical. To that end, he is someone I know will make the calls and conducts the research necessary to support his conclusions and recommendations. Regarding remarketing and liquidation projects, I find that Casey views each step of a project from the perspective of the next step, anticipating where problems might pop up so they can be addressed before they become an issue. His efforts have resulted in many very successful outcomes. In fact, of the dozens of large industrial liquidation/remarketing efforts that we have worked on together, I cannot recall one that did not exceed expectations. Furthermore, I cannot recall one project where my expertise was not enhanced by his advice and direction. Casey also seems to find that perfect contact based on the project at hand. And that contact always seems to have extremely relevant insight. It is amazing to me how often those contacts provided critical information and leverage. I regard Casey as a mentor that has taught (and continues to teach) me about the practical issues related to valuations and equipment remarketing. I am happy to offer this LinkedIn recommendation for Casey and highly recommend his services”.

Loss Mitigation & Recovery Manager

I  will be on the call, but quite honestly, if this group is recommended by Casey, that’s all I need to know”.

Ops Manager, Global Supply Chain

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